With over 8 years of experience and organizing over 100+ groups per year our team is ready for you! Our location is in the heart of Antwerp and close to all transportation. we have had successful groups from 10 – 204 guests from Schools, Universities, Sports, Bands, Groups of Friends, Stag & Hen Parties, Concerts, Events ….

We will help with all your questions & requirements leading up to the arrival, on-site and for any questions after the stay.

Please complete the form below and we will get back to you with a detailed offer in approximately 24h hours.


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4 person room

2 person room

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*In case of a problem, mail to:


Do you accept any type of group?

Yes we do, everyone is welcome who is good natured!

How do I make a group enquiry/booking?

Please contact our sales manager by email, who will walk you through the process

Is breakfast included?

No, but we can arrange a breakfast buffet for your group at an additional charge.

Are bedlinnen and towels included?

Yes we provide towels and bedlinnen in all double rooms, in the Dorms we only provide bedlinnen. Towels can be rented at 2 EUR per person

Can we drop off and park in front of the hostel?

Yes you can drop off by car and coach in front of the Hostel. Cars can be parked in a public parking (2min walk across the street) and coaches along the River Schelde, our Reception team can provide you with more information.

Can you provide additional services such as lunch or dinner, meeting rooms, tours, etc?

Yes, we love making every group stay a success and assist you with all your queries, please contact us by email.